Beauty is, for most people, a very poorly understood concept. We barely know how to recognize the feeling when the see or hear something that is beautiful. If you examine all of the things that human find beautiful, you can identify a single common factor: pattern recognition. All forms of art - dance, music, sculpture, paintings,etc. - are considered art because they create a pattern which we recognize as being part of a greater whole. This is most evident in music where the patterns fall nto obvious mathematically identifiable categories. Scales, chords, tempo and measure are tools of pattern in music. For dance, sculpture and painting, the patterns echo those in our real life, and evoke emotions accordingly.

I get a great sense of beauty from sorting through the tangled concepts that rule most of our lives. Every now and then I spot a doosey of a pattern, and then must try to describe it to other people. Sometimes I come up with concepts that are obviously nonsense, but nonetheless are very entertaining. I put forth these writings with no preamble, and hope that you can tell the difference.

Truth or Fact

The Great American Relationship

Good vs. Evil, a Secular Perspective

Critical Masses

The Original Evil

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