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Robert Rapplean

4528 W 110th Cir., Westminster, CO 80031

H: 303-788-9793 C: 303-961-2140

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Nineteen years experience covering the full life cycle of development on many platforms and environments. Excellent interpersonal, management, and leadership skills, often practiced under difficult circumstances. Works effectively with diverse personalities and individuals at all levels within an organization. Exceptionally strong knowledge and skill acquisition and presentation abilities.


NOT FORGOTTEN – October, 2010 - Present

Java with Eclipse, JSP, and Javascript front end

  • Designing and developing specialized bar code and software to read and write the bar code
  • Designing user interaction models for collaborative and competitive writers’ website
  • Investigating manufacturing techniques and distribution channels for new products
  • Built and maintaining company IT infrastructure
  • Collaborating with other members to produce business strategies
  • Researching market viability, competitors and potential partners

NEOLOGISTIC CREATIONS – March, 2010 - Present

Independent consulting services, tools chosen to suit the need

  • Produced Ajax-based company web site for Dubach Tool Company
  • Produced logo art for Crystal Caliper Education Solutions
  • Designed, manufactured and marketed furnishings for custom client needs
  • Administrated and produced content for a WordPress site for a charitable organization
  • Created custom data analysis tools using VBA on MS Excel

WALL STREET ON DEMAND - July, 2009 - February, 2010

C, C++ on Windows using Microsoft Visual C, T-SQL using MSSQL Server 2008

  • Enhanced error reporting in primary applications where necessary to improve issue tracking
  • Added functionality to allow the storage of incoming document to be performed in an SEC compliant manner
  • Created customer-facing data transfer and storage sequences using custom tool set.

QUARK, INC. - June, 2007 - May, 2009

Java using Eclipse and Spring, C and C++ on Windows and Mac using Microsoft Visual C and XCode, C# using MS Visual Studio. Source control tools including CVS, Microsoft Team Foundation Server and Perforce. Source analysis via Understand, Source Navigator, Structural Analysis for Java, Microsoft Visual Studio and multiple implementations of Lint.

  • Migrated code base and extensions from VC8 with STLPort to VC9 with Boost C++ libraries to enable the company to migrate all development processes to Microsoft Team Foundation Server
  • Completed team project to separate UI and other elements of the QuarkXPress code base to improve maintainability
  • Acted as architect and developer to produce 1.0 version of Quark DPS product, the company's next generation of publishing process management solution
  • Performed comprehensive analysis of existing company code bases to determine the viability of existing software products and identify those eligible for updating versus those that should be redeveloped
  • Performed survey of company software intellectual property to orient the new VP of Engineering on existing engineering assets
  • Conducted analysis and produced reports targeted towards improving developmental techniques and procedures
  • Restructured installer development process to be needs-driven instead of driven by departmental guesswork
  • Produced application to demo UI functionality with C# Windows Presentation Foundation.
  • Collaborated with the marketing department, partners, and customer groups to create a user knowledge wiki for Quark products

AVAYA - February, 2006 - November, 2006

C and C++ using MS Visual Studio correcting and expanding multithreaded, socketed software for Windows telephony servers. Position ended due to workforce reduction.

Reviewed, revised, and connected multiple components into a single functioning system capable of receiving and sending fax messages into Avaya's Modular Messaging enterprise voice messaging product. Working with MS Visual C++, application verifier, boundschecker, and similar tools to track down obscure problems in existing code.


MAGPIE TELECOM INSIDERS (contract) - February, 2005 - February, 2006

C and C++ using MS Visual Studio correcting and expanding multithreaded, socketed software for Windows servers. Javascript on a custom platform. Hired full-time by Avaya (above). Agile methodology adhered to.

Implemented send and receive functionality of faxes on a VoIP messaging system. Tracked down and corrected programming errors. Created a user interface for an Amino set top box using HTML and JavaScript.


PRIOR & ASSOCIATES (contract) - January, 2003 - July, 2008

Java with Eclipse and C++ on Windows, using MSVC to write threads and sockets, automated HTTP web crawler with SSL. PERL data transformation. Search algorithm design, database storage and retrieval with SQL on MySQL. Project management, needs assessment, full system design, implementation, debugging. Prior & Associates occasionally requires updates to this product.

Created and maintained an automated web searching data mining tool. This tool used OpenSSL secure sockets and the MySQL database engine to retrieve information from existing web data sources and create a database of the information for easier search and retrieval from a local machine. Converted the code base from C++ to Java and updated the Java version.


XAFFIRE INC. - February, 2004 - August, 2004

C++ and C on Solaris, multi-flavored Linux and Windows, using GCC & MSVC to write threads and sockets, ISAPI filters and extensions, Apache modules, HTTP interpreter and interfaces, client/server systems. Needs assessment, system design, redesign, implementation, and debugging. Position was eliminated.

Responsible for maintaining, fixing, and enhancing all C++ code elements of the xFire HTTP content capture system. Interfaced with Apache 1.3 and 2.0, and IIS 5 and 6 servers using native C and C++ API's. Redesigned the product, allowing it to retrieve content from new HTTP servers.


F8 COMMUNICATIONS - February, 2003 - December, 2003

C++ on OpenBSD, Redhat and Slackware Linux, and Windows, using GCC and MSVC to write threads and sockets, multi-tiered client/server systems, statistical analysis, database storage and retrieval with SQL on MySQL. Team lead, needs assessment, full system design, implementation, debugging. This company was a start-up and ceased to exist.

Complete design and implementation of multi-tiered client-server system. Analysis of needs and requirements followed by design of a comprehensive solution comprised of the following:

  • an efficient protocol to limit effects of pipeline bottlenecks
  • high-reliability communications and processing routines
  • methods for collection and statistical analysis of data
  • database structure to handle data and customer information storage and tracking needs
  • architecture readily transferable to multiple platforms (Windows, *nix) with minimal alteration
  • client, proxy, and server architectures incorporating all of the above elements

The position also involved all responsibilities for the production of the above design into alpha release phase. I was also responsible for:

  • creation of technical documents
  • creation of and adherence to highly aggressive detailed project management plan
  • regular communication with geographically distributed team members
  • coordinated debugging with client team to ensure interoperability
  • creation of all testing requirements for software and execution of tests
  • demonstration and proof of validity of statistical model
  • production of release and installation instructions and release packages


C++ on Solaris, Linux, and Windows. Sun C++ compiler, GCC and MSVC. Telephony simulation. Sockets using SS7 and IP. Needs assessment, full system design, implementation, debugging. GSM protocol analysis. High availability server system design. PERL data manipulation. Scripting language design and lexical parsing. Position ended due to workforce reduction.

Created simulators for a Class 4 PSTN switch and an SS7 to IP protocol gateway. Stunned management by designing, implementing and unit testing this 8000-line product in ten weeks. Designed a system to support a high availability telephony server. The solution involved using a server cluster which cooperatively distributed the workload, backed up process state between members within the cluster, and shifted workload under failover conditions without loss of a connection. Provisions for offsite redundant operations were also considered. Analyzed Um interface protocol technical documentation for GSM Cellular communication in order to identify variances (significant, subtle, and otherwise) between implementations.



I hold an Associates degree in Information Systems, Computer Programming from St. Louis Community College and a Certified Toastmaster Award from Toastmasters International.