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One of the most interesting things about places is the way they accumulate stuff. We tend to build places with stuff in mind (a place for everything and everything in its place) but it doesn't always works out that way. Often when a place has been differentiated from "space", it starts to take on a life of its own. Attempting to force it to contain certain things is like trying to keep clean the table nearest your front door.

Cyberspace is no different. When Tiffany and I originally carved our own little place we had all sorts of interesting ideas of what to put there. I'd build a family tree, and let my family populate its branches with interesting anecdotes about their loved ones. We'd create a gallery and regularly upload pictures of our friends, children, and events. I figured I'd finally have a place for my philosophical ramblings that was a little more prominent than the back of my mind. As you can see, some of it worked, some of it didn't.

As of this writing, this evolving compendium currently contains a section for me (Rob) and a section for the children. We still maintain a stub of the section for Tiffany, should writing about herself ever become a priority.

Other things have not fared so well. We never seem to find the time to add anything to the links page, so it has been removed. Perhaps the family looked at its tree, but they never said much to me and I believe it to be essentially forgotten. PERDL has consumed all other political details and moved on. There are pieces of philosophy that sit waiting to be posted, and the photo gallery is getting to be too big an idea to not happen any more. Perhaps these will flower into being in this latest version of the web site. [News flash: the gallery now works!]

In the mean time, other ideas have wandered in, made themselves at home, and tried the space on for size. Lurch remains an infant idea, cradled in a tiny portion of this site. The Vulcan Undiplomatic Corp has grown, matured, born fruit, and been retired to its own stately corner to occasionally be dusted off and re-hashed. PERDL has become a force to be reckoned with and broken free of this web site to become master of its own domain.

It is inevitable that something will grow here. It may be what we had in mind, it may be some new concept that crawls in like a bear finding a comfortable cave. In either case, the space in the middle of the home page is now filled with stuff, the world is in balance, and I am satisfied.

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