Coming Soon: Information and pictures of our standard practice weapon design which all members of the VUC use and own weekly, and now are available to you to purchase so you can practice on your own - even if you are NOT a member of VUC.

These units are NOT AMGAR approved (whereas our "Competition" grade units would easily surpass their requirements for tournament or sparring use) but are designed for the maximum safety possible while providing a solid upper body workout for the weilder. Any significant injury caused by one of these could only be caused by misuse by the weilder - or a lack of proper care and maintenance by the owner.

Please Note: Members of the VUC purchase these units at a discount price. If you live in the Denver-Metro area and are seriously interested in learning to use this type of weapon for fun, personal benefits, or competition - you may want to consider joining the VUC as a full time member and receive the added benefit of not only a discount on your practice weapon - but a weekly workout that will hone your skills.


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