The Vulcan Undiplomatic Corp placed members in 2nd, 3rd, 4th, a tie for 5th and a tie for 7th
at the MileHiCon 34 Bat'leth Tournament!

The Vulcan Undiplomatic Corp Rankings were as follows
for the Advanced Bat'leth Category:

2nd: Jim Vance
3rd: Brady Henderson
4th: Seth Downs
5th (tie for): Doug Peterson & Rob Rapplean
7th (tie for): Ames Prather

And in the Amateur class:
4th: Varina Murphy

EVERY member of the Vulcan Undiplomatic Corp
(save Tiffany who assisted in judging the contest and did not compete)
ranked in the top 10 of their respective competition.

Here is the flowcharts of how competition (and ranking achieved) went:

This chart shows how 1st place was achieved:
This chart shows how all other placement was achieved:
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