WHAT IS the Vulcan Undiplomatic Corp?

Permit us to give you the history of the Corp to better understand it:

In early 2002 team member Jim Vance was running for the Libertarian Party's nomination for Governor, and team members Tiffany and Rob Rapplean were working on his campaign. In an effort to draw attention to the campaign from one of its target markets, a Bat'leth team was created for the sole purpose of competing in an April tournamet in Denver.
Rob and Seth pose with our "show" Bat'leths


Ames battles his first victim in Round 1 at StarCon
Ames battles a fierce opponent in the first round
April 2002

Jim and Seth fight for nealry 45 minutes for 4th and 3rd place
Seth and Vance took 3rd and 4th place respectively
after a marathon battle for ranking.
April 2002
The Vance for Governor Bat'leth Competition Team
The Vance for Governor Bat'leth Team - Listed from Left to Right -
Standing: Rob, Seth, Doug, Ames & Vance
Kneeling: Tiffany & Varina

April 2002

Jim didn't get the nomination, but the batleth team survived to become the Vulcan Undiplomatic Corp.

The Vulcan Undiplomatic Corp (Minus Doug)
The Vulcan Undiplotmatic Corp Team
Back Row: Varina, Vance& Tiffany
Kneeling: Brady, Rob & Seth
Not Pictured: Doug & Ames
October 2002

If you're looking for an education in Klingon culture, then you probably want to visit House Veska's website where they have plenty of that kind of information.

We completely ignore the Klingon cultural side of Batl'eth and concentrate on the miriad ways that you can hold or swing the weapon to "injure" your opponent or protect yourself. Our current techniques are based on our member's knowledge of jo-jitsu, kendo, kinjitsu, and nunchaku, and we have begun to develop several distinctive styles of our own.

The team's expressed purpose is to turn Bat'leth into a true martial art all its own.

Our team meets every Wednesday night at Rapplean Studios. Guests are welcome, but should contact Rob in advance for confirmation and directions. Our regime consists of an hour and a half of warm ups, competition, and practice drills.

Rob and Seth at it again - in weekly sparring
Rob and Seth compete in our weekly competitions for ranking within the
group using our standard practice Bat'leth design
September 2002
Tiffany and Vance prepare for competition during weekly sparring
Tiffany and Jim compete in our weekly competitions for ranking
using our new competition class Bat'leth prototypes
(Jim broke only one of these during ladder competitions)!
October 2002

We stress ego-free commentary and critical analysis of style.

It is assumed that this is mostly new territory, and any advance in the art is both given an opportunity to succeed and criticized heavily to help it improve, but equally important despite being a new martial art discipline we strive to also HAVE FUN!

Would you like to see a demonstration of our Bat'leth Martial Art? Or Join in our training as a member of the Vulcan Undiplomatic Corp? Click HERE to inquire about joining, or HERE for further discussions.

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