So you've read a bit about who we are and what we're all about and you have decided you want to be part of our art and our team?

Any new member of the VUC is chosen through a democratic process after your application is reviewed by all members. While everyone has a different personality one thing you MUST have is a good attitude, the ability to accept critical (good or bad) review, and dedication to learning the art of the Bat'leth.

PLEASE BE AWARE: We are a club, a team, a groups of collegues dedicated to learning how to utilize the Bat'leth as a legitimate close quarters combat weapon and learn to utilize it as a new martial arts form. This is NOT a Martial Arts school where you will earn a belt ranking, be a expected to be a member of the Internation Council of Martial Arts, or wear a specific uniform. We are an informal group but we take what we do seriously enough to show up weekly to hone our skills, hear critical analysis of our efforts, and grow from those experiences.

If you'd like to start the process of joining the VUC, the best way is to actually notify Rob that you'd like to attend the Wednesday evening session, watch our work, and join the crew.

To expedite the application as well - you can provide us (through Rob or Vance) with some basic background information about yourself:

Name: ___________________________________________

Age: ____________________________

What Drew Your Interest in Joining the VUC: ___________________________

Martial Arts Background: _________________________________

Type of Work You Do: ___________________________________

Other Hobbies & Interests: ________________________________

Other Clubs, Organizations, Groups You Are an ACTIVE Member Of:

Any Health Conditions That Might Hamper Your Athletic Ability to Compete:


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